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8th IMO 1966

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Points distribution - IMO 1966

Contestant [][←]CountryP1P2P3P4P5P6Total#RankAward
Michał Misiurewicz Poland677578401Gold medal, Special prize
László Lovász Hungary677578401Gold medal, Special prize
József Pelikán Hungary677578401Gold medal, Special prize
Dan Voiculescu Romania677578401Gold medal
Lajos Pósa Hungary677578401Gold medal
Georgi Gargov Bulgaria3745783427Silver medal
Bohuslav Sivák Czechoslovakia6755783814Silver medal
Petr Kůrka Czechoslovakia0745783139Bronze medal
Walter Liepe German Democratic Republic677578401Gold medal
Josef Richardt German Democratic Republic677578401Gold medal
Peter Enskonatus German Democratic Republic677578401Gold medal
Andrei Marchenko Union of Soviet Socialist Republics677578401Gold medal
Yuri Bogdanski Union of Soviet Socialist Republics677578401Gold medal
Sabir Husein-Zade Union of Soviet Socialist Republics677578401Gold medal
Pavel Vejvoda Czechoslovakia6135752750
Radenko Radkov Bulgaria6605572943
Ludmila Krasteva Bulgaria6465483329Bronze medal
Dechko Matev Bulgaria1625442259
Pavel Simeonov Bulgaria6730482848
Peter Mederly Czechoslovakia6735383235Bronze medal
Petko Kazandzhiev Bulgaria4675283235Bronze medal
Hristo Hristov Bulgaria6705282848
Jiří Rott Czechoslovakia6044262259
Jiří Šmerk Czechoslovakia6724282943
Vladimir Mihailov Bulgaria6755183235Bronze medal
Petr Němec Czechoslovakia6014141663
Miroslav Kosina Czechoslovakia4705042061
Tadeusz Figiel Poland3814Silver medal, Special prize
László Babai Hungary3427Silver medal, Special prize
Edislaw Jacek Litwin Poland3329Bronze medal
Tadeusz Iwaniec Poland3621Silver medal
Henryk Iwaniec Poland3524Silver medal
Zenon Fortuna Poland3621Silver medal
Eugen Popa Romania3719Silver medal
Aleksandru Bădescu Romania3329Bronze medal
Bogdan Lungulescu Romania3329Bronze medal
László Surányi Hungary3235Bronze medal
Miklós Laczkovich Hungary3621Silver medal
Jernej Polajnar Yugoslavia3329Bronze medal
Aleksandar Torgašev Yugoslavia3719Silver medal
Jovan Vukmirović Yugoslavia3814Silver medal
Gert Siebert German Democratic Republic3524Silver medal
Reinhard Höppner German Democratic Republic3524Silver medal
Stefan Heinrich German Democratic Republic3814Silver medal
Mihail Fokin Union of Soviet Socialist Republics3912Gold medal
Aleksander Zaimskih Union of Soviet Socialist Republics3329Bronze medal
Grigoriy Rosenblum Union of Soviet Socialist Republics3912Gold medal
Boris Matikainen Union of Soviet Socialist Republics3814Silver medal
Zygmunt Ratajczyk Poland2557
Janusz Kaniewski Poland2653
György Elekes Hungary2943
István Berkes Hungary3040
Slobodan Simić Yugoslavia1663
Mirko Primc Yugoslavia1663
Tomo Pisanski Yugoslavia2750
Djordje Dugošija Yugoslavia3040
Mihajlo Stefanović Yugoslavia2750
Ludwig Staiger German Democratic Republic2653
Konrad Schmüdgen German Democratic Republic2653
Sergei Liber Union of Soviet Socialist Republics2458
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