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16th IMO 1974

FIN at IMO 1974 Osmo-Jukka KanervaSimo VuorinenTapani Matala - AhoKimmo FrimanJorma RantakiviKari VilonenJuha NummipuroKlaus Sjöblom

Contestant []P1P2P3P4P5P6TotalRankAward
Team results34133411551111611.76%B
Osmo-Jukka Kanerva 4406011510425.90%
Simo Vuorinen 5006001112014.39%
Tapani Matala - Aho 5302011112014.39%
Kimmo Friman 00031041381.44%
Jorma Rantakivi 5006111311120.86%
Kari Vilonen 563631245759.71%Bronze medal
Juha Nummipuro 5006401510425.90%
Klaus Sjöblom 500661188837.41%
Leader: Matti Lehtinen
Deputy leader: Jarmo Nyström

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