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15th IMO 1973

FIN at IMO 1973 Kari VilonenJuha NummipuroAntti KilpiMarkku LehtinenAntero RanneOsmo-Jukka KanervaTuomo RantanenJoakin von Wright

Contestant []P1P2P3P4P5P6TotalRankAward
Team results5311617170861413.33%B, B
Kari Vilonen 246360214366.13%Bronze medal
Juha Nummipuro 108360186250.81%Bronze medal
Antti Kilpi 15030099623.39%
Markku Lehtinen 161040128433.06%
Antero Ranne 06003099623.39%
Osmo-Jukka Kanerva 060100710516.13%
Tuomo Rantanen 04010051139.68%
Joakin von Wright 00131051139.68%
Leader: Jarkko Leino
Deputy leader: Jarmo Nyström

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